Design Podium

Art always survives the holocausts
and the world wars and is what makes
the human race evolve
– Kalki Koechlin

In a time where everything is influenced and everyone is an influencer, the individual identity of an artist should be kept intact. Thus, Niramaya Tales brings the first experiential offering as ‘Design Podium’ for the one who lives the art. Design Podium is an opportunity for the artists of different genres to collaborate with Niramaya Tales in order to give a significant platform to their art with a wider reach. If you are a musician, a poet, a writer, an illustrator, an individual artist or a photographer who is looking for a platform which will not only showcase your work to the right set of audience but will also help you attain a coveted position then Design Podium is for you. We are also roping in urban designers from fields of handcrafts, textiles and art to share insights and exhibit their contemporary product designs ideas.

So go ahead and tell us about who you are and we will give you a shout back in the next week or so with more details.

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