Our Gaatha

In these unshapely, dilapidated rural mud homes
Covered with thatched roofs
Lives our country
In their drums and riveting music of bamboo flutes
Is reflected the eternal practise of our people


As India is a mosaic of faiths, heritage, tradition, culture and languages that blend harmoniously to form a composite whole. We bring you Niramaya Tales, a fusion of ‘Nir’ and ‘Amaya’ which is an endeavour to bring you the products weaved by the stories of old and forgotten wisdom of country’s art and craft. Striving to please your Indian heart every product designed under our label follows one base rule of being ‘True to Our Roots’ which makes us percept “Purpose Beyond profit”.

Our lives are but fine weavings,
that God and we prepare,
each life becomes a fabric planned,
and fashioned in his care . . .
We may not always see,
just how the weavings intertwine,
but we must trust the Master’s hand,
and follow His design
– Sant Kabir


Our Gaatha (story) is justified by Sant Kabir. As Niramaya Tales is a vernacular disposition and distinct expression of one’s deepest emotion with simplest connotation. Many Indian artisanal and craft traditions passed on to generations with different depictions from last thousands of decades. These traditional artisan skills are continuously adapted and upgraded. Thus Niramaya Tales is inclined towards accomplishing the dream which is to acknowledge the value and noteworthiness of skills of Indian craftsman and artisans along with introducing new design concepts.Niramaya Tales translates the creation of “Concept based product range” on the firm foothills of unique and original treasure of culture, lifestyle, religion and undisputed excellence.

Custom Made with Niramaya Tales

Niramaya Tales believes in delivering ‘One of its Kind’ thus we have designed our products in keeping  raw, handmade and natural craft-couture in mind. This revival of grass root traditions defines our expertise in various artistic practices. Along with this we also believe in the emotion of freedom of mind and soul which caters to the delicacy and minute detailing we inculcate in our designs. We offer a custom made range which delivers unique subtleness and connection to our customers.

Custom Made with Niramaya Tales

In order to encourage consumers to make informed and ethical choices Niramaya Tales produces designs which are able to compete in the mainstream economy paving the way for intent based buying for consumers. Niramaya Tales is trying to promote and showcase the dynamic and expansive Indian handicraft scene with a seal of authenticity and quality. Along with the traditions, Niramaya Tales is also a pioneer of devising new methods, incorporating extinct techniques to build up a directory of an exclusive range of products with a message of celebrating every individual’s emotion and their priceless possessions. Just Making a small effort towards a revolutionary change in the scene of Indian Handicraft Culture, because we believe, ‘Without effort nothing is possible’.

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