Our Roots

Jo Ache hain Unki Khaani Bhi Achi
Ladakpan Bhi Acha Jawaani Bhi Achi

– नूह नारवी


The Soul of Niramaya Tales

She is the lady in power. As a textile designer, mixture of passions and promotion of traditional arts is her kind of motivation. The adhesive adjectives that defines her are adventurous and a hard core traveler. With Niramaya Tales she is envisioned to build up a team of like minded people who considers Niramaya Tales as a platform for genuine art lovers, curators, creators and promoters rather than just an online portal. She is determined to create a niche in the e-commerce world where she would promote the richness of original age old crafts in terms of both quality and quantity.


The Body of Niramaya Tales

Name it and he knows it. Technically overactive geek whose body parts includes veins-cum-wires, brain-cum-processor and heart-cum-cpu. This ‘Jugaadu Baba’ is our highly proactive and a result oriented person. Questioning him if he knows how to channelize any marketing concept and his illustration skills is a crime. Because he is unpredictable and a mixture of extreme opposite personalities, can be a tough logical at times and at other times can be full of nautanki.


The Mind of Niramaya Tales

Promptness combined with discipline to make a perfect business delicacy, served reflecting the efforts and execution is the perfect definition for our man of keen detailing. Some need motivation or appreciation but this guy is happy with his hardcore patriotism, passionate photography and the rural feel of villages. Recognized for his valuable inputs and result oriented outputs, Jai is the backbone and voice of Niramaya Tales.

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Office – +91-901-100-9811
Marketing office –  +91-860-059-8696
Designing studio – +91-901-124-8811/+91-982-279-7811
Email us at – contact@niramayatales.com

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