Aaj bhi shayad koi phuloñ ka tohfa bhej de
Titliyan mandla rahi hain kanch ke gul-dan par
– शकेब जलाली

Artfully crafted and thoughtfully curated gifts for every special occasion, choose the personalize gift from our elaborative section.

Corporate Gifting

We at Niramaya Tales have put our mind and heart into curating a bunch of amazing gifts to pamper you and your employees on special occasion. Whether you want to treat your guest’s right or want to give an appraisal gift to your employee, we have some delicate art pieces in store for you.

Soirée Time

The Gifting season is here and Niramaya Tales is here to help you with the soirée, whether you’re hoping to be a gracious guest or the very best host, here is the gifting collection, which will help you!

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