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  • Co-create with wholesalers and Manufacturers Highlighting utility and malleability of craft to create contemporary artifacts/experiences. Being manufacturers of modern day design we provide wholesalers with bulk customized orders which include everything right from designing and packaging.
  • Reopening Dialogue and Educating Artisans We are bringing handicrafts back to public memory, in order to bring opportunities to our craftsman so that they remain a part of policy making.
  • ¬†Flat discount to our first 10 wholesalers Keep all the good practices intact and all processes humane, just and ecologically balanced with regular disclosures our first 10 wholesalers will be provided with flat discounts which will also include designing and packaging.

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Office – +91-901-100-9811
Marketing office –¬† +91-860-059-8696
Designing studio – +91-901-124-8811/+91-982-279-7811
Email us at – contact@niramayatales.com

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